WordPress 4.1 Released

Yesterday saw the release of WordPress 4.1, the latest version of what is regarded by many people (ourselves included) as the easiest and most powerful website content management system available.

WordPress 4.1 Released

The main features of WordPress 4.1 include an emphasis on helping the user focus on their writing and coupled with a brand new theme called ‘2015’, you can really let you content shine through in style.

With translation support covering over 40 different languages already and more in the pipeline there has never been a better time to deliver a website in the language of your or your audiences choice.

Of course every new release of WordPress usually means a spate of Plugin updates will follow – but don’t let that put you off upgrading if you already have WordPress installed.

It is very important for peformance and security reasons to keep your content management system up to date with the latest stable version as often these updates included important security fixes.

For this reason alone, many of our clients (both large and small) have WordPress maintenance contracts with ourselves to ensure that their website is kept running smoothly and more importantly kept up to date. This saves them having to worry about any technical issues and leaves them to focus on what they know and do best – their business.

So if you have a WordPress website (or any website for that matter) but don’t keep it updated, we strongly recommend that you do!

Perhaps the thought of all that ‘techie’ stuff really spins you out? If it does then why not contact us and let us help you not only put your mind at ease but keep your website software updated on a regular basis.


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